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I worked in the RPG industry at Bulkypix for a while, creating and setting up new RPG brands. Here I share my best practices and ideas for promoting your own indie RPG brand. When it comes to the business of indie video games, crowdfunding is a common way to get going. Backing crowdfunding is a terrific way to test the waters and potentially generate some seed capital to get a project off the ground. Here are my top tips for crowdfunding and other ways to promote your game. Sure, plenty of games do good in the name of spreading awareness and encouraging people to play. Here are some of my best indie game promotion tips! Find something that works for your game and take it to the masses. Interplay Entertainment - BioShock 2 BioShock 2 is an excellent example of just how epic the potential for great mobile game development can be. In this episode of the Indie Game Link Up, Adam and Rob discuss a few of the ways that they think developers can take the BioShock experience to the next level and create truly inspiring games. Grim Fandango Remastered Featuring ambient audio, sharp characters, a host of upgraded graphical features, and tight controls and controls, Grim Fandango Remastered is a first class re-release of one of the most beloved games in gaming history. This new release from Double Fine will inspire you to take your own adventures, and they’ll be just as fun to play and will hold up to this day as they did back in 1998. Join us on the Indie Game Link Up as we discuss some of our favorite features and how they affect the game. The developer of the indie game Remember Me has revealed in an interview with that the game will have a new ending. Read on for more details. The game tells the story of Eve, a young woman in 2025, in which her memory has been wiped. A chance encounter with a future version of herself leads her to uncover her own memory, which she must then use to save herself and the people she cares about. Remember Me was a hit at PAX East, but what's next for the developer, NieR: Automata studio PlatinumGames? "Where it all began It started in January 2014 at the IGN Awards Gala in Los Angeles. The indie developers that year shared a nice surprise for us and it was the release date of the 2012-released indie game Super Meat Boy!




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Naraka Bladepoint Free Download PC Game

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